After nearly 45 years at the lab, Glenn Smith retires June 1

Glenn Smith. Photo: Reidar Hahn.

After more than four decades of service at Fermilab, Glenn Smith will retire on June 1.

Glenn started out as a technician at Fermilab in August 1977 and was assigned to the Tevatron Dipole construction program.  He rapidly became a supervisor, overseeing the construction of the Low Beta Quadrupoles for the Tevatron. Since then, he has been instrumental in the completion of the permanent magnets for the Recycler ring, Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) chambers (components for the CMS detector at the LHC) and LCLS II cryomodules. He has finished his career by returning to superconducting magnet construction, supervising the fabrication of the cold mass and cryostat for the Interaction Region Quadrupoles for the latest CERN Accelerator Upgrade.

Glenn is a member of an elite group, “The Smith Brothers.” Glenn and his brothers Dan and Brian all started at Fermilab at nearly the same time. First Dan, then Glenn, then Brian, were hired to work in the Tevatron program in rapid succession, and they have been a big part of the work done by the Technical Division ever since. Glenn is the last to retire. APS-TD will be “Smith-less” this summer for the first time in nearly a half century.

What Glenn remembers most about his years at Fermilab is the wonderful people and the camaraderie with his fellow workers. He gained a lifetime of experience here and finds leaving the lab and the friends he’s met to be a bittersweet experience. He would like to thank everyone he’s worked with over the years.

In retirement, Glenn and his wife Barb plan to continue living in the area but will do some traveling and spend more time with their grandkids.

There is no reception planned at the present time, but you are invited to stop by ICBA and say goodbye to Glenn any time before June 1.