Mahoney Creek flood mitigation on Fermilab property

What is all the digging along Kirk Road?

The City of Batavia is building a flood mitigation reservoir for Mahoney Creek in the area adjacent to Kirk Road, roughly halfway between Pine Street and Wilson Ave.

The Watershed of Mahoney Creek includes part of the of the Fermilab campus. The outstanding cooperation between the Department of Energy and the community on this important project will bring much-needed flood relief to our neighbors downstream. The city has had an easement to store stormwater runoff on the property since 1986. Under the revised agreement, the project will expand the existing storage volume in a basin that will have a wetland bottom planting to match the existing wetland plant community.

The work on the west side of Kirk Road on property owned by the City of Batavia is now complete, and the work will be moving east of Kirk Road onto Fermilab property soon after Memorial Day. Access to the work by the City of Batavia contractor will be off of Kirk Road, and the parts of the prairie that will be impacted are slated for restoration upon completion of the excavation. All the excavated earth will be kept on-site, sculpted into the landscape near the excavation.

If you have any questions, please contact John Wills ( in FESS Engineering, who will act as liaison to the city for the project.