Kevin Kuk to retire July 8

After 37 years with Fermilab, Kevin Kuk will retire on July 8.

Kuk was hired into a permanent position in 1985 and began working in the village with the CDF readout electronics (PIG) instrumentation group. Since the early 2000s he has been working on various projects at SiDet, where he earned the reputation as the go-to expert on setting up equipment for CCD-based experiments such as the Dark Energy Camera, SENSI, CONNIE and numerous others. Any given day might find Kuk working with extremely low noise analog electronics, automating test equipment, configuring DAQ software on Linux boxes and maintaining all types of benchtop vacuum and cryo systems. Once these experiments were ready move out of the test stand phase, he took on installation and commissioning responsibilities, often traveling to such places as SNOLAB in Canada, a nuclear power station in Brazil or a mountaintop observatory in Chile.

In retirement Kuk and his wife will continue to travel the world. When traveling around North America they’ll be using the transit van he has fully customized into an RV complete with solar panels installed on the rooftop.

Join us for lunch as we celebrate Kuk’s contributions to the laboratory at noon on Thursday, July 7, at SiDet.