May issue of Particles newsletter

The Fermilab Office of Communication is pleased to share the latest issue of Particles, a monthly newsletter from Fermilab senior management that covers key projects and initiatives and the “behind-the-scenes” support critical to our success. This issue’s highlights include: a big congratulations to the Fermilab team on the completion of a successful CD-1RR Director’s Review on the LBNF/DUNE-US project; on the news front, astronomers unveiled the first image of the supermassive black hole at the center of our own Milky Way galaxy, and SLAC’s superconducting X-ray laser reached operating temperature colder than outer space; we congratulated Fermilab scientist Josh Frieman, former director of the Dark Energy Survey, on being elected by his peers to membership in the National Academy of Science; and other news.

The May 2022 issue of Particles is now available on the From lab leadership page on News at Work (login required).

Fermilab senior management welcomes your comments, questions and feedback on Particles. We will continually improve the content to make it most valuable to you.


— Fermilab Office of Communication