Message from Lia Merminga: Finance Organization Announcement

As the Office of the Chief Financial Officer moves forward in support of Fermilab, I am pleased to announce an organizational update that will help manage our transition while we continue our search for a new CFO. 

Suzanne Hansen.

First, Doug Nordquist will stay on until near the end of the fiscal year to enable the transition of the new CFO. We are especially grateful for his support and the continuity he provides for us. Doug will continue in his role as deputy CFO and have line management responsibility for the finance organization.

Suzanne Hansen, who joined Fermilab in May as a transition manager, will be interim CFO and a member of the Fermilab senior leadership team. Her focus will be partnering with me and our senior leadership in support of Fermilab’s vision and strategy with a particular focus on business and finance. Suzanne brings over 35 years of experience within the DOE national lab complex. Most recently, she serves as a leadership coach for SLAC’s future leaders after serving as the lab’s director of business and technology services and chief financial officer. Before joining SLAC, she was the CFO and associate lab director of business services at Brookhaven. Suzanne’s focus at Fermilab will include sharing best practices from other laboratories and building coalitions with other organizations to optimize our performance. Suzanne will also be chairing the search committee for the next CFO.

Suzanne and Doug are both available and will work together to effectively manage the finance organization. Please join me in welcoming Suzanne to Fermilab and extending both her and Doug your continued support and partnership to help ensure a smooth transition for our finance team.