Acquisition Lifecycle Planning (ALP) tool – Mandatory use by all divisions, sections, and projects starting Aug. 1


Please be advised that as of Aug. 1, all new procurement needs over $250,000 or procurements that are mission critical must be entered into the Acquisition Lifecycle Planning tool (ALP).

Background:  The ALP tool was developed out of a requirement from FSO but it is on its way to becoming an industry-leading practice across the complex. Having all procurements over $250,000 or mission-critical is the first step in an improvement process that will help reduce delays and create better procurement planning and outcomes.

Major benefits include:

  • Early dialogue between customer and procurement = faster procurements
    • Organizing and formalizing critical procurement decisions to avoid delays later in the process
    • Connecting procurement staff earlier with our customers to improve total procurement planning
    • Ability to lay the groundwork for critical path and complex procurement actions
    • Identifying bottlenecks or compliance issues early to avoid rework later in the procurement process
  • Reporting, budgeting and resource planning
    • Bridging the connection between resource allocation, capacity, and budget planning with work planning
    • Creating reliable procurement budget forecasting
    • Consistent data that helps to improve Procurement’s ability to evaluate workload performance and opportunities for improvement
  • Advance reporting to DOE
    • Improved visibility for our FSO Contracting Officers on the future procurement workload
    • Improved DOE confidence in FRA’s ability to execute the mission
    • Improved data for Independent Project Reviews where applicable
  • Tracking procurement actions
  • Progress of technical packages
  • Procurement status

Beginning Aug. 1, please ensure that all procurement needs have been entered into ALP.  We look for all ALP entries to be created 1-3 years in advance but should be prior to entering any requisition in Oracle. We sincerely appreciate your support in this effort. Procurement wants to avoid having to reject any requisitions in Oracle that do not have an ALP entry so please ensure that new requirements are entered early in ALP.

If you have any concerns or would like your division, section, or project to receive refresher training, please contact your liaison for assistance or you can contact CJ Buck directly.