Event visitor site access changes begin Aug. 31

Message from the Director of Security and Emergency Management Division

Dear Colleagues,

Beginning Wednesday, Aug. 31, the process for event visitors to obtain onsite access approval will be streamlined, making it easier for these individuals to attend events on site. An event visitor is a type of business visitor who is attending a conference, meeting, school, workshop or other event.

Currently, event visitors must register in Indico, if applicable, then submit an Onsite Access Request Form as a Business Visitor in ServiceNow.


Updated process

Beginning Aug. 31, the registration process will be integrated. Event visitors (both onsite and virtual) will continue to register through Fermilab Indico, if applicable. For onsite visitors, the registration will automatically generate Business Visitor Onsite Access Request in ServiceNow, and the current approval process will apply.

Once all approvals have been granted, onsite event visitors will receive a business visitor pass with a QR code, which they must present at the security gate to gain access.

Users or affiliates who are attending onsite events and wish to have lab access outside of the event date/s must obtain a badge, by completing the following steps:

  1. Fill out the onsite Access Request form at for the additional days they will be onsite and obtain approval prior to their arrival; and
  2. Schedule a badging appointment at https://get-connected.fnal.gov/accessandbadging/appointments/ prior to their arrival. A badge is required for physical access to the lab. A badge appointment grants the user/affiliate access to the site on their first day of access.

Please also note that onsite access approvals will be dependent on citizenship status and the location(s) that the individual will be visiting. It may take up to four weeks to process a request. Please plan accordingly.


  • For information on how to ensure the correct event category and permission for Indico event registration, see this article.
  • For technical assistance with the Event Approval System, Indico or ServiceNow, please contact the Service Desk.
  • For questions about site access, email access@fnal.gov.
  • For questions about the Event Approval System and Indico, emai lEvents_Approval@fnal.gov.
  • For questions about event exemptions, email FNAP-request@fnal.gov.