Evolution of the Fermilab Lab Directed R&D (LDRD) program

Fermilab has benefited greatly from LDRD projects proposed and led by Principal Investigators (PIs) from the laboratory staff. Many of these projects have enabled new science and technology directions for the lab and the broader particle physics community. The completed and currently active LDRD projects have an excellent record of achievement that reflects the creativity and ingenuity of the Fermilab staff.

Now after eight years of implementation we will review the program for lessons learned, opportunities to optimize and program alignment with the lab’s new vision and strategic initiatives.

During this review and evolution of the LDRD program we will pause the annual call for new proposals this year for the 2023 cycle. Support of the currently active portfolio of LDRD projects will continue through this evolution. We anticipate a call for new proposals in 2023 and look forward to supporting a robust program of new projects for the 2024 cycle.

Our annual midterm review process of ongoing projects will continue in early October and current PIs will be contacted soon regarding the review schedule.

We look forward to seeing new ideas and LDRD proposals next year for the 2024 cycle.