Fermilab Natural Areas offers internship

The Robert F. Betz Autumn Internship is sponsored by Fermilab Natural Areas, a nonprofit corporation operating exclusively within the boundaries of Fermilab. The intern will be assisting in habitat management at the 6,800-acre Batavia site and can expect to gain a broad understanding of ecological restoration practices and applications as well as theory.

Duties will include: native seed collection and processing, invasive species control using brush saws and herbicides, botanical surveys of restored prairie, forest and wetland communities, tree and shrub care, assisting with volunteer workdays and research projects, aspects of wildlife monitoring and use of ESRI ArcGIS. Off-site visits to nature preserves, attending professional ecology meetings, and summarizing your internship in a formal presentation are also possible.

The Robert F. Betz Autumn Internship is 12 weeks at 40 hours per week with an ideal start date between September and early October. Working dates can be September through December.

Qualifications: A background in biology is required, with an avid interest in field ecology, especially in the area of ecosystem restoration. Effective oral and written communication skills in English are a necessity. The candidate must be able to work with their hands, on uneven terrain and in a variety of weather situations such as cold, heat, sun, rain, snow, wind as well as in the presence of biological hazards such as mosquitoes, poison ivy and chiggers. A successful candidate must be self-motivated, able to lead others and work as a team, follow directions, ask questions and be detail-oriented. Current or former pesticide license holder is preferred. Familiarity with all-terrain vehicles is a plus.

Send resume and cover letter to Liz Copeland at fermilabnaturalareas@gmail.com