SBND detector move test run on 8/3

The SBND detector’s time projection chamber is currently being assembled at D-Zero Assembly Building, and stakeholders are planning to move the TPC from DAB to Near Detector-Building this winter. On Wednesday, Aug. 3, starting at 7 a.m., a test run of the move will take place. 

A team comprised of engineers, SBND stakeholders, FESS personnel, security personnel, PPD technicians and dispatch all will conduct a test run that day along the proposed route as well as an alternate route. 

For this test run, an empty tractor-trailer will travel both of the routes to understand the route dynamics, which will help the team determine which route will work best. The test run team will make multiple stops to record data from electrical overheads, payload stability and a Roads and Grounds perspective.

The proposed and alternate test routes of the SBND detector move with the high-traffic areas highlighted.

Note: At some point on Wednesday, Aug. 3, the road will be momentarily blocked in some high-traffic areas when the team passes through them. Please plan accordingly.