Signal and WhatsApp not allowed on Fermilab network

To comply with government records retention requirements, as of Wednesday, Aug. 10 at 9 a.m. CST, Signal and WhatsApp have been blocked on all government-owned equipment and networks. It was also necessary to remove WhatsApp/Signal apps and network traffic from government-owned machines and networks.

In consequence, WhatsApp and Signal should be removed or uninstalled from all government-owned devices (GFEs). For personally owned devices on the Guest network, the workaround for non-Fermilab business use is to use a non-government network like a cellular network.

We are working on creating a Village-residence-only network, which will take several months to deploy once funded. When completed, we will ask whether these apps may be used on this new network.

If you have any questions about this message, contact the Service Desk:
(630) 840-2345