A beautiful day for a barbecue

On Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 31, Fermilab hosted a barbecue for employees and users on a beautiful, sunny day. The labwide event, sponsored by the Fermi Research Alliance and the first in more than two years, provided an opportunity for people to mingle and catch up with co-workers from across the laboratory. An estimated 700 people came to the picnic area outside Kuhn Barn, in the Fermilab Village, between 3 and 6 p.m. FESS had set up picnic tables and buffet lines, and participants enjoyed a variety of food from the grill, including veggie burgers, as well as salads and cold beverages. An ice cream truck was on site as well and provided free ice cream sandwiches. Thank yous go to FESS, Taher and Clorica for a great event.

On Aug. 31, Fermilab hosted a barbecue for employees and users. The labwide event was the first in more than two years. Photo: Georgia Schwender

“It was great to see everyone together and having a good time,” said Steve Whiteaker, department head of FESS Site Services. “The team did a great job in putting together such a wonderful event. And not a single burger went to waste. We were able to donate leftover food to a local homeless shelter in Aurora. They were very appreciative of the donation.”

  • Photo: Ryan Postel, Fermilab