Results are in: Eco-Friendly Garden Contest

The Eco-Friendly Garden Contest was announced by the Go Green team on Fermilab News at Work on August 15. The community was invited to share stories of their gardens, backyards, even balconies, where the gardener’s creativity was used to make outdoor areas more eco-friendly.

Criteria to select the winner(s) included: eco-friendly features and integration of these features into the yards and gardens; aesthetic aspects; importance of re-using, recycling, and using already existing yard resources; diversity in the yard (plants to attract wildlife, creating natural habitats, etc).

Several creative entries were submitted to the Contest site. The deadline for the community to vote and pick a winner in 4 categories was today, September 30.

Thank you everyone who participated, putting their time and effort into creating slides filled with beautiful pictures and information! The results are in – and we have several winners in various categories! The Most Eco-Friendly Garden prize goes to Maredith Stoffel. Todd Nebel won in both the Most Creative Yard and the Most Edible Garden category. Frederique Pellemoine won in the Most Effective Change category. Yun He and Holly Hall get Honorable Mentions. The winners will be featured in a Fermilab Today article.​ All participants will receive a spider plant as a prize for their participation.

We would like to encourage everyone to take part in the eco-efforts, learn by example, get ideas and inspiration from our participants and winners and continue their efforts to make the Earth green!