In memoriam: Joseph Hurd

Joseph Hurd

Fermilab employee Joseph Hurd passed away Thursday, Sept. 1, at the age of 33. Joe graduated with a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from Florida State University in 2013 and worked in the National High Magnetic Field Lab for two years before beginning his career at Fermilab in 2015 in the cryogenics department. 

In his subsequent seven years working at Fermilab, Joe made major contributions to a variety of cryogenic operations and projects. He was cryogenic spokesperson for both CMTF and NML from 2017-2020. He quickly mastered the operation of the sophisticated cryogenic facilities at Fermilab, consistently overcame all operational upsets and was committed to training Junior operators. At CMTF, he led the successful cryogenic qualification and support of 14 LCLS-II cryomodules. He also operated the NML 2K cryogenic system supporting the FAST/IOTA experiment up to Run 2. He is remembered by his colleagues and customers as extremely reliable.

Joe was instrumental in procurement and integration of the two new Kinney Vacuum pumps at CMTF that decoupled 2K operations of LCLS-II and PIP-II cryomodule testing. His most recent contribution was the mechanical conversion of PIP2IT for future testing of PIP-II HB650 cryomodules.

More important than his various impactful contributions to cryogenics, Joe was an amazing person.  Everyone who has had the pleasure of working with Joe will tell you how wonderful of a person he was and how much they enjoyed his feel-good personality. Joe will be sorely missed, but the impact he made on the work and people he met while at the lab will live on. 

Joe’s obituary can be viewed here.