Marcela Carena elected vice-chair of APS’ Forum of International Physics

Marcela Carena, head of the Theory Division at Fermilab, has been elected the new vice-chair of the Forum on International Physics of the American Physics Society. Her term starts in January 2023.

“As part of the FIP chair-line, I am excited about the opportunity of applying my experience in building capacity and research infrastructure on a broader international stage,” said Carena. “I intend to concentrate on developing nations where sustained attention and support from the global physics community has great potential to build self-sustaining efforts. I will also prioritize FIP efforts to nurture and grow the engagement of women and other minoritized groups in physics.”

The FIP, established in 1982, is a voluntary, grass-roots association of APS members who are interested in advancing the knowledge of physics and its diffusion by fostering cooperation and communication among physicists of all countries. The FIP organizes focused sessions at APS meetings, receives nominations for APS fellowships and the Wheatley Award, and communicates regularly with its members. The FIP also cooperates with several other APS bodies in charge of international scientific affairs. Programs such as international book exchanges, equipment exchanges, travel grants, etc. have been established in the past as a result of individual initiatives of FIP members.