Badged personnel invited to watch SBND transport the week of Nov. 28

Come and view a milestone for the Short-Baseline Near Detector neutrino experiment at Fermilab: Director Lia Merminga invites all employees, users and other badged personnel to watch the transport of the large SBND neutrino detection system across the Fermilab Batavia site. The transport will follow Main Ring Road and will pass IARC and Wilson Hall in just a couple of weeks.

You can view the transport from the 15th floor of Wilson Hall, and an outdoor viewing area will be blocked off in the A0 parking lot, right next to Main Ring Road.

The move is scheduled for the week of Nov. 28. The exact date depends on the weather and will be finalized one to two days ahead of the transport. We will let you know the final details via an all-hands message the day before the transport.

SBND is the third detector of Fermilab’s Short-Baseline Neutrino Program, joining MicroBooNE and ICARUS. The assembled neutrino detection system for SBND, currently located in the DZero Assembly Building, is about the size of a small house. It will be installed in the SBN Near Detector building.

Please note: Non-authorized badged personnel will not be permitted to drive to the SBN-ND building on the day of the move. You will only be able to watch the transport from the Wilson Hall area.

Monica Nunes stands inside a clean room for the assembly of the neutrino detection system for the SBND experiment.

Fermilab guest scientist Monica Nunes stands inside the clean room with the partially completed SBND neutrino detection system earlier this year. The fully assembled system will be moved across the Fermilab site to the SBN Near Detector building in just a couple of weeks. Photo: Ryan Postel, Fermilab