NLCIO presents award to Irwin Gaines

The National Laboratories Chief Information Officers (NLCIO) presented Fermilab’s Irwin Gaines with an award for his “sustained commitment to growing and supporting the NLCIO community” at a recent monthly meeting.

Stu Hannay, Chief Information Officer and Senior Director of Argonne National Laboratory’s Business Information Services Directorate, said, “On behalf of NLCIO executive committee and entire lab cyber community, [we] thank Irwin for all his contributions and support of the complex. Irwin’s work on order rewrites, policy reviews and driving collaboration cannot be overestimated, and we thank you.”

Adam Stone, Chief Information Officer at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, said, “Irwin’s tireless and very successful advocacy for the computing needs of scientists has had an extraordinary impact on the science landscape in ways most people impacted by his work can’t see. By finding ways to navigate the space between open science and federal direction, Irwin’s work made it possible for projects across DOE to maintain the flexibility to collaborate and experiment, while still maintaining security.”

The NLCIO’s purpose is to advise DOE laboratory directors and to provide an interface to DOE organizations on issues in computing and information processing. It also functions as a forum for information exchange, consensus building and coordination of the major activities in scientific computing and information processing.

Gaines has been involved with the NLCIO for many years.