Fermilab Colloquium series returns in person

All users and employees are welcome to join us on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. in Wilson Hall 1-West for the Fermilab Colloquium series. This series will cover a variety of topics in science, engineering and other disciplines.

Bonnie Fleming is Fermilab’s chief research officer and deputy director responsible for leading all areas of science and technology. She welcomes the return of in-person colloquia: “This series presents the breadth of science and engineering that takes place at Fermilab and around the world. I look forward to seeing many people at colloquia.”

We are restarting with a series of presentations covering science and engineering at Fermilab. The immediate goal is to help all of us learn about different parts of the lab. We are keeping the schedule up to date on the Colloquium website where you will also find dates where we have speakers from Argonne National Laboratory, the University of Chicago and other universities.

In December, we feature two speakers. On Wednesday, Dec. 7, Bonnie Fleming will describe how science at Fermilab is entering a new era. When your family and friends ask you, “What is new at Fermilab?” you will be able to bring them up to date. After her colloquium presentation, there will be a welcome-back reception in Wilson Hall, featuring wine, cheese and appetizers.

The following Wednesday, Dec. 14, Vladimir Shiltsev from the Fermilab Accelerator Division will address what the future holds for the “A” in FNAL — the landscape of particle accelerators and the future. “The Fermilab colloquium series offers unique opportunities for all of us to not only present our thoughts and results but also learn from others,” said Shiltsev.

The best way to benefit from this series is to attend in person and ask questions. Often, we will have an event after the colloquium to continue discussion. If you would like to meet with speakers — from Fermilab or visitors who will also be giving colloquia — please email colloquium@fnal.gov. We arrange lunch with the speaker and meetings with small groups and tours.

If you have suggestions for other speakers we should invite, or if you want to host speakers or join the colloquium committee, please send an email to colloquium@fnal.gov.