Material release program changes

The lab’s radiation safety program is in place to protect workers, members of the public, and the environment. Over the last year, many program improvements have been made which are now rolling out for implementation. These improvements will better protect people and the environment, ensure compliance with applicable regulations, respond to stakeholder input, and meet the future needs of the lab mission. More changes will be rolled out in the coming months and will be communicated through additional messages.

As you may already be aware, changes are coming soon to the lab’s material release program, the process by which materials are moved from radiologically posted areas. Updates to the material release program, new radiation survey processes and improved documentation will be required for removing items from accelerator or experiment enclosures and other radiologically posted areas.

All employees, users and affiliates at Fermilab will play a role in the updated processes. Training is required and is available on your individual training plan based on your work assignments (either General Employee Radiation Training or radiological worker). The training provides details of the changes. Updated GERT has been made available to employees, users and affiliates. Radiological workers are required to complete supplemental computer-based training that will provide an overview on the changes to the survey process.

The changes to the material release program go into effect on Jan. 1, 2023, and your training must be completed by this date in order to perform radiological work or access radiologically posted areas.

For questions about the material release program, see Frequently Asked Questions, which will be updated as the program progresses and new questions arise. For additional questions, contact your assigned Radiation Safety Officer or Maddie Schoell (x4807,