In memoriam: Wayne W. Nestander

It is with great sadness we announce that retired Fermilab employee Wayne W. Nestander passed away suddenly on Nov. 19, 2022, at the age of 92. Nestander retired from Fermilab in April 1994 following 25 years of service. At the time of his retirement, he was head of the Facilities Engineering Services Section.

Nestander joined Fermilab in Dec. 1969, following 12 years of service at Argonne National Laboratory, as a member of the Experimental Facilities Group within the Research Division of Fermilab. In this position he worked closely with the original DUSAF design group on the design of many of the original experimental beamline enclosures. When DUSAF’s contract concluded in June 1974, he became a member of the newly established Architectural Services group headed by Tom Pawlak, a former DUSAF Engineer. This group was responsible for the design of new facilities at the laboratory and Nestander continued in his role working on the design and construction of many of the original experimental beamline enclosures including the conversion of the Chicago Cyclotron Magnet replacing the old conventional copper coils with energy efficient superconducting equivalents. The upgraded CCM became the world’s second largest superconducting magnet. In 1981 it was initially used as an analyzing magnet for the E-610 experiment in the Muon Laboratory and subsequently for Tevatron experiments in the new Muon Laboratory.

In Jan. 1982, Nestander was assigned to head the Tevatron design group charged with the design and construction of the new facilities for Tevatron I and Tevatron II, which included the anti-proton source, CDF and DZero detector halls and support buildings, the Central Helium Liquefier Facility, and additional support buildings in the complex.

In July 1986, the Tevatron design group was renamed Construction Engineering Services and Nestander remained head of the newly named group and assumed responsibility for all new design and construction for the Fermilab site. Most notably during this time, he worked with Ed Crumpley and original Fermilab Director, Dr. Robert Wilson, on the design of the new central computing facility now known as the Feynman Computing Center. In Sep.1987, Fermilab was recognized at the Department of Energy Annual Energy Awards Night for its optimized energy conservation design for the new Central Computing Center.

In July 1987, Nestander oversaw the User’s Center remodeling project which included major changes to the interior of the building, a new roof and main entry and new plumbing, heating and air-conditioning. New interior partitions and embellishment to the Chez Leon façade created a new Garden Room which provided a more inviting experience in the entry area. Existing restrooms were updated, an additional restroom was added to the west side of the Users Center, and a music room and library area were also added.

In April 1991, Nestander and Construction Engineering Services completed an extensive and technically challenging project to improve the shielding above the Meson, Neutrino and Muon fixed target beamlines. Coordination of this project required that shielding requirements be defined, topography surveyed, enclosures checked for structural capacity, roads and berms designed and construction options considered for Master Substation operations and traffic control. Work included raising the intersection of Road A and Road B four feet to accommodate the additional shielding requirements.

Memorial visitation and a memorial service will be held Monday, Jan. 9. Nestander’s obituary can be viewed at: