ITD modernization and improvement updates

Jon Bakken. Photo: Reidar Hahn, Fermilab

The Information Technology Division has recently completed several projects that improve your user experience.

First, we have enabled the use of Services accounts as an additional login option for FermiWorks, or Workday, so most of us will have one fewer password to remember. This login option also requires multifactor authentication, which is now commonplace at the lab. Those who don’t have a Services account or MFA can continue to use their FermiWorks username and password to log in.

Second, we have upgraded the Enterprise Systems Account Request form to a modern, all-electronic version. All requests and approvals for Enterprise Applications Accounts — those used to access the lab’s business and financial applications, such as eBS, PeopleSoft or Sunflower— are now done electronically in ServiceNow instead of requiring emailing signed forms to the various approvers. This streamlined form makes things easier for all involved.

The new Enterprise Applications Account Request form is accessible in ServiceNow (requires Services account login).

Finally, we made a change to our Single Sign on, or SSO, service to make it easier to access certain external resources. SSO provides a way to log in with your user credentials (e.g., Services or Kerberos Account, CILogon certificate) to access other SSO-enabled applications (e.g., ServiceNow, SharePoint and now FermiWorks). Now anyone with an active Fermilab Services account should be able to authenticate to any external service provider’s site or service published in the InCommon federations, and provided that they are authorized at the remote site, to access that site or service. The end result is that authorized individuals can use their Fermilab Services Accounts to access these externally owned, federated resources.

Of course, we have many more activities planned or in progress. We look forward to continuing to improve your IT user experience.