New and updated IT Policies

The Information Technology Division has updated or created many IT policies in the past several months. You can find them in the Policy Database under the “Information Management” category. Here’s a brief rundown of these policies. NOTE: Many of these policies require log in. If you receive an error message when trying to view a policy, please log in to ServiceNow with your Services account, then view the policy.

  • Policy on Computing Hardware, Software, and Cloud Services
    This new policy establishes requirements for the selection, approval, procurement and periodic review of any hardware, services and applications that connect to the Fermilab network. It is intended to help keep the lab network secure. The purchase of any of these items or services must be reviewed and approved prior to receipt by the Enterprise Architecture Board and Computer Security Board.
  • Information Categorization and Access Policy
    This policy has been updated and describes various categories of information based on whether it is stored on Fermilab-managed systems or connected to the lab network. It also outlines the criteria for classifying information into one of these categories and how information in each category must be accessed and protected.



  • Policy on Technical Publications
    This is a new policy that supports the longstanding requirement that all preprints, technical reports and memos, manuscripts, theses, presentations, slides and posters that are intended for distribution outside the Department of Energy complex are to be reviewed prior to publication.



  • Personal Computing Environmental Policy
    The purpose of this policy is to manage the lifecycle of computers, tablets, monitors or related peripherals that are provided by Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. It describes requirements for purchasing EPEAT-registered computing assets and the process for purchasing items that are not EPEAT-registered. It also describes how FRA computing assets must be operated and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.



  • Policy on Records Management
    This updated policy describes the requirements of the Fermilab community to properly manage records in the manner prescribed by the Fermilab Records Management Program.



  • Policy on Redistributing IT Equipment from Excess
    This new policy describes the rules governing the reuse of excess IT hardware that has an interface capable of being connected to the Fermilab network. It’s purpose it to prevent unregulated reuse of equipment, which can create problems with software licensing, support for obsolete equipment and security issues and can compromise energy conservation practices.