Site access status page now available

The new Site Access Request Status page is now available. The page, which went into effect Friday, Jan. 20, will provide a straightforward way to review the current stage of an access request. This will help to cut down on communication among various offices regarding access request status and provide real-time information.

Navigate to In the “Request Number” field, enter the Requested Item number. The RITM can be found on the initial email sent upon submitting the request. Complete the reCAPTCHA challenge to continue.

A summary of the request will appear as a table. There will also be a list of the overall workflow steps, a description, and the expected duration and number of days a request has been in the current step. Whichever step is highlighted indicates the current state of the access request. If there are any questions regarding the access request, fill out the question field and provide the appropriate contact information.

If you have any questions about the Site Access Request Status page, please contact the Security and Emergency Management division at