Changes to Fermilab project leadership teams

Project leadership teams at Fermilab serve critical roles in managing initiatives, and ensuring that work stays on schedule and within budget. Some of their responsibilities include overseeing cross-functional teams, developing and monitoring schedules, and reporting on progress to lab leadership and funding agencies.

There have been several recent changes in project leadership as highlighted below. Please join me in congratulating incoming leaders and thanking outgoing leaders for a job well done.

Lauren Hsu is the new project lead for the Fermilab work scope for the SuperCDMS project, which will extend the search for dark matter using bolometric sensors operating deep underground at Snolab in Canada. Lauren has served as the L2 manager for the Calibration subsystem and is head of the SuperCDMS group at Fermilab. Lauren replaces Pat Lukens, who will focus on detector calibration work at the NEXUS facility for SuperCDMS. We thank Pat for his leadership and contributions to the SuperCDMS project.

Jim Kowalkowski is the new project manager for the MAGIS-100 project, which will deliver major technological advances for studying very low-mass dark matter based on cold atom interferometry.  Jim brings valuable expertise and an excellent track record from his many years managing computing and computational physics projects.  Jim replaces Rob Plunkett, who will transition to MAGIS-100 Project Scientist with a focus on continuing to build and manage the collaboration’s science activities. We thank Rob for his leadership and contributions to the MAGIS-100 project.

Vito Lombardo is a new deputy project manager for the Mu2e project, which will provide unprecedented sensitivity to a charged-lepton flavor-violating muon conversion process. Vito brings an outstanding track record of achievement having served in various leadership roles for the Mu2e, HL-LHC AUP, and PIP-II projects.

Thomas Strauss is the new project lead for the Fermilab work scope for the Proton Power Upgrade (PPU) project. PPU is an upgrade to provide 2.8 MW of proton beam for the Spallation Neutron Source at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Fermilab will provide chicane dipole magnets, and dump magnets in support of PPU. Thomas brings valuable experience having made significant contributions to the Mu2e and HL-LHC AUP projects. Thomas replaces Dave Harding, who will focus on providing technical support for PPU with his deep expertise in magnets. We thank Dave for his leadership and contributions to the PPU project.


Doug Glenzinski is Fermilab’s chief project officer.