For sale: Estey steel library shelving

We purchased this shelving in 2003 for approximately $3,500. It has been used exclusively indoors to hold an expanding collection of books and is in excellent condition. We are renovating and having built-in bookshelves installed, so these must now be sold.

Color:   Champagne/Putty
Finish: premium powder coating

See the brochure photo for details on construction.

Units / Dimensions

4    84″ H X 36″ W       +

1    90″ H X 36″ W       27 shelves 8″ D, 5 bases 10″ D      (36″) [2 sets of 7 + 3 sets of 6]
3    90″ H X 30″ W      20 shelves 8″ D, 3 bases 10″ D      (30″) [2 sets of 7 + 1 set of 6]
6    90″ H X 24″ W      41 shelves 8″ D, 6 bases 10″ D      (24″) [5 sets of 7 + 1 set of 6]
2    90″ H X 20″ W      13 shelves 8″ D, 2 bases 10″ D      (20″) [1 sets of 7 + 1 set of 6]

Frames, shelves, shelf-brackets, bases and base-brackets, bolts and wall-anchors included.

We are asking $400 for everything, but the price is negotiable. We will also accept offers on individual or groups of sections. Since we have bolted together frames into sections, however, some extra wall-anchors may be necessary if the frames are split up (these can be purchased from Estey or substitutes found in a hardware store).

The shelves are not difficult to assemble. You can join frames and base-brackets together, then fasten the unit(s) to the wall (they must be anchored). The shelf-brackets come in pairs (left/right), can be positioned (fully adjustable) by inserting them into the appropriate holes in the frame. Shelves are then lightly tapped down onto the brackets (using a soft rubber mallet or by hand).

The buyer must pick up the shelves. We recommend coming to see them in person. We will accept cash only.

We are currently removing books from the shelves, and the full set should be available fairly soon.