In memoriam: George M. Simon

George M. Simon

George M. Simon, retired 15-foot Bubble Chamber technician, passed away on Feb. 21, just hours short of his 101st birthday.

He is remembered as a vacuum technician who always carried a 6-inch crescent wrench. 

Ron Davis recalls that at the age of 50-plus, George Simon could kick the top of a door frame and not fall down.

At his previous job, George worked on vacuum chambers used to test parts of the Apollo space program.  

In retirement, he enjoyed, travel, grandkids and growing trees, plants and flowers, plus woodworking. 

He was blessed never to spend a day in an old folks home, and he never spent more than a few days in a hospital. In fact, he once passed out in church and was transported to the hospital. The doctor said that his vitals were good, but passing out in church was an unusual event so they would like to keep him overnight. He told the doctor that he had passed out in “that” church before, so it wasn’t an unusual event. He then checked himself out of the hospital and lived many more years.

He passed away in his home surrounded by family and friends. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Frederick-Jones in Naperville on Saturday, March 4.

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