Registration open: Fermilab ACE Science Workshop

We are pleased to announce the Fermilab ACE (Accelerator Complex Evolution) Science Workshop for June 14-15 at Fermilab.

The goal of the workshop is to explore the physics program for ACE (including muon collider, CLFV, neutrino, dark matter physics thrusts) and their complementarity. We welcome community input and envision discussion sessions on physics, accelerator and technology synergies. We will also be accepting abstracts for new ideas and short remarks.

The workshop will be hybrid, and attendance will be possible in-person or over Zoom. Registration and call for short remarks are now open.

To learn more and to register, click here.

The organizing committee,
Nhan Tran, Stefania Gori, Karri DiPetrillo, Bertrand Echenard, Jeff Eldred, Roni Harnik, Pedro Machado, Matt Toups