Reminder of wellness resources offered at Fermilab

Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed every year throughout the month of May since 1949. Fermilab’s Benefits and Wellbeing Office provides support across several areas of wellness including physical, financial, emotional, family, mindfulness and weight management. These resources can be found at

Some of the offered programs include the Employee/User Assistance Program through ComPsych, Wellbeats OnDemand Fitness, resources on nutrition, financial consultations with Fidelity and more. The Benefits and Wellbeing Office also hosts webinars and events about managing wellbeing, which can be found on the Benefits and Wellbeing Office website.

Fermi Accessibility Communities or FACts provide a system of support and a space to discuss physical, psychological and intellectual accessibility for the Fermilab community.

The Benefits and Wellbeing office presented a Mental Health Awareness webinar on May 3; information and registration is available below.

At one time or another, everyone experiences symptoms of mental illness. Too frequently, the responses to such symptoms in the workplace are confusion, fear, judgment, avoidance and outright rejection. These responses lead to a worsening of symptoms and a deterioration of performance.

This training is designed to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and to promote ways of supporting one another in the workplace. The session will address signs and symptoms of distress and effective ways of providing support for co-workers. The session also will include exercises to develop these skills.

Mental Health Awareness webinar: Click here to view the on-demand recording.