Alyssa Miller

Paul Czarapata is retiring after 50 years of service at Fermilab! Please join us as we celebrate his impressive career, the impact of his contributions, and his unwavering dedication to the laboratory on Wednesday, Jan. 25, at 10 a.m. on the Wilson Hall 2nd Floor Crossover. Czarapata was hired on Oct. 30, 1972, when the lab was known only as the National Accelerator Laboratory. His career began as an electronics technician in the Meson Laboratory, which at that time was…

Wilson Hall hides behind a bed of flowers. Photo: Alyssa Miller It’s seen from a field of grass in the Main Ring. Photo: Alyssa Miller

The tanks outside CZero create a pattern in turquoise. Photo: Alyssa Miller The helium tanks, seen here from Outer Ring Road, are perhaps one of the more unexpectedly visually appealing features on the Fermilab grounds. Photo: Alyssa Miller

In miniature

Former intern Alyssa Miller took this photo of the Fermilab site model displayed on the 15th floor of Wilson Hall. Photo: Alyssa Miller

Former intern Alyssa Miller took this photo of a caged ladder outside Lab 6 in the Village. Photo: Alyssa Miller