Amber Kenney

The lab’s COVID-19 protective measures help protect us all. The main goal of a face covering is to reduce respiratory droplets that enter someone’s breathing space. Remember to wear a face covering in buildings and all government vehicles to reduce the amount of respiratory droplets that can deposit on potentially shared surfaces.

A woman with brown hair pulled back and a white and black sweater smiles in a photo portrait.

The ES&H Section is here to help. We support the lab mission, and safety is top priority. Thanks to a work assessments by DOE and our ongoing efforts at human performance improvement, we are always working to improve our work at both section and individual levels. One of our biggest projects is LBNF, in particular the work in South Dakota, where we are making sure that work there is conducted as safely as it is on the Fermilab site. Treating our environment is also key, and we’re bringing it to everyone’s attention with the April 25 Earth Day Fair in Wilson Hall.