Art Lee

Avoid making yourself vulnerable to cyber attackers by practicing good cyber hygiene. Read on for everyday tips you can apply to keep you safe and provide peace of mind in our increasingly technologically connected world.

The face of consumer products is ever-changing. These are no longer the simple items of the past like a Tickle Me Elmo or a Sega system. They are wearable trackers that report your health stats and interconnected video game consoles.

The use of ransomware has increased exponentially in the past year, particularly because it results in the best bang for the buck for an attacker.

Shiny new things

Many holiday gifts this year will tech gadgets and devices. But be careful. Just because a new technology appears sleek and fun, doesn’t mean there are no cybersecurity risks.

Sometimes a camera is installed near ATMs and check-out registers to record the PIN or zip code you enter when making a debit card withdrawal or purchase. Use your hand as a shield to hide your PIN entry. Photo: William Grootonk Every summer brings the familiar family vacation: maybe a road trip or a flight overseas, plus some well-earned out-of-town shopping. Summer is also the time to get an early jump on back-to-school sales. Each of these activities brings possibly…