Cindy Arnold

Roughly 1,000 students, parents and professionals participated in this year’s STEM Career Expo, which took place on April 23 at Fermilab. Photo: Cindy Arnold Fermilab ecologist Ryan Campbell talks about his work with high school students. Photo: Cindy Arnold The expo included a number of well-attended panel sessions, allowing students to hear from professionals in a wide range of fields, including physics, food science, actuarial science and economics. Photo: Cindy Arnold

Lee Marek, lecturer and science demonstrator at the University of Illinois at Chicago, puts on a spectacular demonstration at Sunday’s Wonders of Science show, which took place at Fermilab. Marek is a founding member of Wonders of Science and has presented at the show since 1977. Photos: Cindy Arnold

A local student conducts the Rolling for Rutherford experiment at Sunday’s Fermilab Family Open House. In 1909, Ernest Rutherford conducted an experiment that led him to determine that an atom’s nucleus was a tiny volume compared to the size of the entire atom. He aimed alpha particles (two protons and two neutrons) at a metal foil and observed the patterns made by the recoiling alpha particles. At the open house, children conducted a larger-scale version of this indirect measurement: They…

DOE conducted a progress review of MicroBooNE last week. Here, scientist Brian Rebel, at right, explains the use and installation of the MicroBooNE cryogenic system in the Liquid-Argon Test Facility. Photo: Cindy Arnold

Last week, the Muon g-2 magnet ring made its way from Lemont, Ill., to Fermilab, culminating in a celebration on Friday evening. View photos of the ring’s week-long journey to its new home at the laboratory. Above: Fermilab employees, users, their families and neighbors await the arrival of the Muon g-2 magnet ring as it approaches Wilson Hall. Photo: Cindy Arnold

The first piece of the NOvA near detector is now installed in the underground detector hall. The picture shows the very downstream end of the muon neutrino detection unit, called a muon catcher. The unit consists of 10 layers of 4-inch-thick heavy steel plates sandwiched by two layers of PVC plastic calorimetry modules. PPD engineers and technicians are constructing and installing the detector unit. It will take two more weeks to finish installation of the whole muon catcher unit. Photo:…

At her farewell reception on Tuesday, Young-Kee Kim cheers with her husband, Sid Nagel, and retiring Fermilab Director Pier Oddone. Photo: Cindy Arnold Fermilab employees chat and eat cake at the farewell reception. Photo: Cindy Arnold John Campbell, PPD, takes Young-Kee Kim’s gong—well known for ringing in scientific seminars at Fermilab—out for a spin. Photo: Mary-Ellyn McCollum, DO Sweet farewell wishes from the entire Fermilab community. Photo: Cindy Arnold. View more photos in the VMS archive.

Jerry Zimmerman, known to his fans as Mr. Freeze, puts on a cryogenics show for this year’s DASTOW attendees. Photo: Cindy Arnold The Fermilab Fire Department demonstrates fire safety for DASTOW families. Photo: Cindy Arnold Fermilab’s Hugh Lippincott (on stepladder) and Mike Cooke talk to kids about gravity at this year’s FUNdamentals of Physics show. Photo: Cindy Arnold. View more photos of this year’s DASTOW.