Cindy Arnold

First row, from left: Bianca Brandveen, PPD; Shulamit Moed Sher, PPD; and Ryan Campbell, FESS. Second row, from left: Sherry Baketz, TD; Douglas Kim, WDRS; Patrick Cooley, AD; and Tanner Ruschman, AD. Photo: Cindy Arnold.

First row, from left: Courtney Clarke, Edgar Nandayapa, Blake Powell, Alex Matta, Raul Campos, Jen Karkoska. Second row, from left: Kayla Malone, Matthew Alvarez, Charles Orozco, Jackline Koech, Diana Perea, Stephanie Hamilton. Photo: Cindy Arnold.

First row, from left: Will Parkin, Alex Irigoyen, Grant McDonal, Mikhail Moibenko, Lindsey Whiting. Second row, from left: Sara Graden, Anthony Podkowa, Kyle Beczkiewicz, Jose Gallegos, Steven Troscinski, Tom McLaughlin. Photo: Cindy Arnold.

Elaine Phillips, PPD, walks with Jim Nipper and Cary Yoshikawa, Muons Inc. A record number of employees walked, ran, biked or rollerbladed around the Main Ring as part of yesterday’s Employee Health and Fitness Day. More than 330 people participated. Wednesday’s fitness event also kicked off Fermilab’s participation in the 10,000 steps program.

New employees who began work on Feb. 28: Jacob Linacre, CMS Center; Andrei Khilkevich, AD; Jennifer Raaf, PPD; Yujun Wu, CD; and Doug Howard, TD. Photo: Cindy Arnold