Ruben Carcagno

A bison baby digs around in the muddy grass. Photo: Julianna Holden Mohler Mothers nurse their young. Photo: Bridget Scerini, TD Bison calves walk side by side with their parents. Photo: Ruben Carcagno, TD

Covered in hoar frost, this tree’s slender, white branches give it a delicate appearance. Photo: Ruben Carcagno, TD


The woods near Fermilab, soon after a controlled prairie burn, are ready for new growth. Photo: Ruben Carcagno, TD The log’s embers continue to glow. Ruben Carcagno, TD

Ruben Carcagno submitted the winning photo for the Fermilab Summer Lecture Series contest. Carcagno’s photo will be featured as the background of the lecture series poster. He will also receive a print of his photograph. Photo: Ruben Carcagno, TD

The creek off Pine Street near Wilson Hall flows during the thaw that followed last week’s snowstorm. Photo: Ruben Carcagno, TD

This striking red wall, in combination with scintillator paddles behind it (not seen in the photo), is known as the MINERvA veto wall. Located in the NuMI neutrino beamline 105 meters underground, the veto wall tags muons that come from neutrinos that interact in the rock upstream of the wall. The muons then pass through into the rest of the MINERvA detector (into the plane of the picture). Marking these particles as they enter the detector allows scientists to distinguish…

Tuesday’s sunset over Fermilab, together with the day’s fascinating cloud cover, made for a striking scene. Photo: Ruben Carcagno, TD