Sandra Charles

As Fermilab’s new Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, I would like to introduce myself to the Fermilab community. I would also like to use this opportunity to provide an update on some of the EDI Office’s new responsibilities.

We continue to make the laboratory’s Inclusion Matters workshop offerings available online, and I encourage all who have not yet fulfilled their annual training requirement to take a look at the opportunities below. Some of you have already taken an Inclusion Matters course and may want to learn more on a particular topic. Sign up to participate to discuss physics and disability, person-first language, imposter syndrome, or allyship and bystander intervention.

In February the Fermilab Office of Diversity and Inclusion rolled out this year’s Inclusion Matters workshop offerings. With many employees working remotely, we’ve made a number of Inclusion Matters workshops available online through Zoom. Read on for details.

It’s incredible to think that last year, Fermilab’s TARGET summer program for high school students turned 40. And this year, our Summer Internships in Science and Technology for undergraduates will see its 50th anniversary. If you’re looking for an extra helping hand on your experiment this summer, consider mentoring or advising TARGET or SIST intern. Postdocs, scientists, engineers, computer professionals are invited to submit research projects and commit to providing teaching, guidance and supervision.

This year’s diversity and inclusion training series, Inclusion Matters: Building a Sense of Community, starts up this month. It builds on the awareness that last year’s series raised of the impact of social stereotypes and biases in the workforce. The training requirement has been placed on each employee’s ITNA, and the first presentation, by the Chicago Sinfonietta, takes place on Thursday, Feb. 20, in Ramsey Auditorium.

Biases, conscious or unconscious, are learned social stereotypes that have real effects in the workplace. In an effort to provide Fermilab employees and users with practical tools and resources that interrupt bias and promote workplace inclusion, we are holding a new unconscious-bias training series throughout 2019.