Steve Hernandez

The holiday season is a time for family, friends and celebrating. However, it’s also a time when safety risks can increase. Here are five tips to follow to help ensure your safety this holiday season.

In the high bay facing out, a man uses a fire extinguisher to point at a small simulated fire. Several men look on.

In May 2021, James Ranson takes the training from the Fire Department on how to use fire extinguishers correctly, using a simulated fire. This is the last time Ranson takes extinguisher training before his retirement in 2022.

Fire Prevention Week is Oct. 4-10. This year’s theme is “Serve up Fire Safety in the Kitchen.” Kitchen fires are the leading cause of home fires, and unattended cooking fires are the leading cause of kitchen fires. With more people at home, everyone is cooking more! One ingredient you need every time you cook is safety.

The Fourth of July is just around the corner. Some may enjoy online fireworks displays, while others may attend outdoor shows where social distancing is enforced. Fireworks can be dangerous and can cause severe injuries when improperly used. Read on for a few suggestions for a safe holiday gathering.

June 1-7 is National CPR and AED Awareness Week. We’re pleased to support the American Heart Association and its important mission to increase survival from cardiac arrest. We are asking all employees to please take 90 seconds of your day to learn the lifesaving skills of hands-only CPR.