Steve Krave

After quickly stashing away its fish, a mink in the pond near IB3 looks curiously at the camera. The mink shakes off the water from its fur. It stands on its hind legs before running away. Photos: Steve Krave, TD

A wild encounter

Earlier this week on Lake Law, a coyote approached an opossum that was gnawing on a bit of food. After a brief stare-off, the coyote took the opossum’s snack. They continued glaring… …until the coyote inexplicably lay down. Then the coyote got up and ran away. Photos: Steve Krave, TD

Frost, red-shifted

Friday’s Photo of the Day showed Wilson Hall appearing to float in fog. The above near-infrared/red color-shifted image was taken the same foggy Wednesday morning. Sections of the image that appear as white reflect a great deal of infrared. Those that appear as blue tends to reflect more visible light. Dark areas on the photo reflect dark areas in the scene. This was shot with an old modified point-and-shoot. Photo: Steve Krave, TD