Steve Krave

Steve Krave, TD, submitted this composite of 100 images he shot of the Fermilab Gazebo while trying to photograph some meteors from the Leonids shower. Although he didn’t have luck with the meteors, he did capture a large number of planes on their way to O’Hare. The dashes are an artifact of the shutter being closed for those segments between images.

Purple, rain

A silhouette of the Proton Pagoda stands starkly against the violet, lightning-illuminated sky. Photo Steve Krave, TD Rain poured down over the Fermilab Test Beam Facility last week. Photo: Steve Krave, TD

An ominous arcus cloud rolled over Wilson Hall and Feynman Computing Center on Friday morning. Photo: Merina Albert, SCD Lightning illuminated the sky over Fermilab Friday night. Photo: Steve Krave, TD

Fermilab employee Steve Krave snapped this photo of a bees’ nest under a picnic table using the telephoto lens on his camera. If you spot a bees’ hive that may pose a safety hazard, contact Roads and Grounds at x3303 to have it removed. Photo: Steve Krave