Trevor Butler

In the Fermilab Linac, a klystron creates high-power radio waves which are used to accelerate the H- beam. The klystron itself is also a “mini” accelerator, but instead of protons, it accelerates electrons to create radio waves. Here are the internals of a klystron, where one can see the electron beam pipe in the center of the exposed cutout, along with the electron bunching cavities in between the cutouts.

Some oscilloscopes have a special XY mode that displays the first voltage signal on the horizontal axis and a second signal on the vertical axis, which allows one to “sketch.” Using this mode, the photographer was able to plot the Fermilab logo.

Fermilab employee Kenneth “Ken” Quinn, 60 years young, died suddenly on Thursday, Sept. 3. He leaves behind people from all across the country who dearly loved and admired him, who will miss his acerbic wit and wisdom, and who were changed for the better for having known him.