Announcements and notices

Today, Fermilab launches a new website to tell the story of the Tevatron, the United States’ highest-energy particle accelerator. The Tevatron will shut down on Sept. 30, 2011, after 28 years of discovery and innovation. The new website includes an interactive timeline of milestones from the Tevatron’s lifetime, a look ahead at how the Tevatron will continue to inform future efforts and experiments, information on the shutdown event and celebration for employees and users and resources for members of the…

CMS milestone – Sept. 14

Over the course of 16.5 hours ending Wednesday, Sept. 14, the CMS experiment recorded 113.4 inverse picobarns of data, more than three times the 36 inverse picobarns it recorded in all of 2010. The detector’s data-taking efficiency was impressively high. CMS recorded almost 97 percent of the 117.4 inverse picobarns of luminosity the LHC accelerator delivered. This occurred just days after a period of machine development and a technical stop, a time during which operators are usually working out the…

On Friday, Sept. 30, the Tevatron will shut down for the last time after 28 years of operation at the frontiers of particle physics. All employees and users are invited to watch a broadcast of the activities that will take place in the CDF and DZero control rooms and in the Main Control Room as the collider and experiments are shut down. Fermilab Director Pier Oddone will host the broadcast, which will begin at 2 p.m. Employees are invited to…

Sept. 16-19

– Five stores provided ~43.75 hours of luminosity – Pbar debuncher kicker pulsing problem fixed – The MiniBooNE horn tripped off – Store 9131 aborted due to a problem with the C3 dump – Store 9135 quenched due to a kicker prefire Read the Current Accelerator Update Read the Early Bird Report View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts

Fermilab Director Pier Oddone will hold an all-hands meeting at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday to update employees on several important items. Meeting topics will include: Changes to insurance premiums Conclusions from the Employee Advisory Group survey Current status of Congressional budget process The program going forward after the Tevatron Streaming video for the meeting will not be available. If the auditorium is full, overflow seating will be available in One West.

The Chicago Council on Science and Technology continues its Street Corner Science series with “Ask a Nobel Laureate” on Saturday, Sept. 24. Dr. Leon Lederman will be in front of the Chicago Wrigley building Saturday afternoon, ready to answer any of your questions about science, technology and the physical world. For more information, visit the Chicago Council on Science and Technology’s website.

Sept. 14-16

– Tevatron completed run of 450 GeV 3×3 study stores – The Tevatron quenched twice during wet squeezes – Booster RF suffered from a short communications problem – The next Meson FTBF experiment, T-922, began taking beam – A Pbar debuncher kicker had its power supply replaced Read the Current Accelerator Update Read the Early Bird Report View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts

FNA: A new hiking trail

Fermilab Natural Areas opened a new trail through restored oak-hickory savanna. The trail will be open year-round. Please visit the FNA website for more information.

The members of Inca Son performs music and dance from the Andes. Photo courtesey of Inca Son This Saturday, Sept. 17, Fermilab Art Series will present Inca Son: Music and dance from the Andes at 8 p.m. This critically-acclaimed musical act performs music from the Andes of Peru, the home of their Inca ancestors. They also perform Latin American music and modern pop songs with a Andean flavor. Inca Son includes a full band of musicians, as well as a…

Sept. 12-14

– One store provided ~5 hours of luminosity – Tevatron personnel conducted two more 450 GeV 3×3 study stores – MI ground fault found and repaired – Tevatron cryo system down during wet engine repair – Power glitch caused problems with Linac RF, Booster RF, Main Injector kickers and the Tevatron ramp Read the Current Accelerator Update Read the Early Bird Report View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts