Version: Orlando-20210617-FermiWeekly Enhancements: Add message to the RSA Token Request form to contact the Service Desk after submission for identity verification Add a reminder feature for the Foreign Visits and Assignments (FVA) Foreign Visitors Security Plan to send a reminder to the host after five business days if the action has not been completed Provide feature to allow the Foreign Visits and Assignments (FVA) office to flag individuals submitting an access request Load FY22 Computing Tactical Plans

This message is for your information only. The maintenance is expected to be non-disruptive to users. MAINTENANCE DESCRIPTION Computing will be upgrading one of the DNS appliances ( with new hardware. This work is expected to be non-disruptive to users as other DNS appliances will take over the load. MAINTENANCE WINDOW Thursday, June 17; 10 a.m. to noon Central Time

Dear jobsub users, WHAT ARE WE DOING? The default configuration for jobsub submission will be changed. DEDICATED,OPPORTUNISTIC,OFFSITE will be the new default for jobsub_submit. Additionally, jobs will require Singularity on the node by default. Both of these defaults can be overridden by the user. WHEN WILL THIS OCCUR? Wednesday, June 16; during the scheduled Scientific Computing Systems Maintenance period (between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Central Time) WHAT IS THE IMPACT TO YOU? After the change, DEDICATED,OPPORTUNISTIC,OFFSITE will be the…

We have had reports that some applications are having trouble with people logging in. The systems that have been reported so far are: OBIEE ECP ECL for Nova VoIP voicemail We are investigating the issue.

FESS has scheduled repairs to FCC1E lighting electrical circuits to address an electrical problem that occurred May 3. FESS estimates work will occur from Tuesday, June 15, through Friday, June 19.Expect an interruption of normal lighting on the far east end of FCC1, including the PREP counter area, storage areas, a few offices and the Technology Store. Temporary lighting will be provided during the disruptions.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? On Wednesday, June 16, Computing will be performing kernel updates and reboots of the Scientific Computing systems listed at the bottom of this message. In most cases, each system will be down for only a few minutes, unless there are unexpected issues. Please note, the dCache managers will be performing maintenance as well. This may impact services on any systems mounting ‘PNFS’ mounts, and may require reboots of impacted systems when that maintenance is completed. If…

WHAT ARE WE DOING? Computing has enabled this month’s security updates from Microsoft for centrally managed Windows servers. WHEN WILL THIS OCCUR? Monday, June 14 For additional information about the patching schedule for Windows servers, see WHAT IS THE IMPACT TO YOU? Administrators of centrally managed Windows servers will begin receiving notices that patches are available to their Windows servers during the next 24 hours. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? You do not need to take any action….

Version: Orlando-20210610-FermiWeekly Enhancements: At the request of the Users Office, remove feature that automatically initiates an FVA review when the on- or off-site host changes for a person When creating a new lab affiliation, default user supervisory org to “Visitor” for experiments and collaborations Add daily audit report that generates an incident when host data in Workday and ServiceNow do not match

WHAT ARE WE DOING? Computing will be upgrading Cisco Prime Infrastructure (NSPRIME) software to version 3.7. WHEN WILL THIS OCCUR? Thursday, June 10; 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. WHAT IS THE IMPACT TO YOU? Cisco Prime Infrastructure (NSPRIME) will be down during the maintenance window. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? You do not need to take any action. This message is for your information only.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? The Windows Server Services group and Computer Security have reviewed Microsoft’s June security patches. At this time, none of the patches have been declared part of the Fermilab mandatory patch set. The updates will only be installed on Windows servers that are part of the pilot testing group. For details on the new patches and the patching schedule for Windows servers, see WHEN WILL THIS OCCUR? Automatic installation and system reboots for the pilot Windows…