From the Laboratory

The spirit of cooperation among Fermilab employees was instrumental in the gradual shutdown of the accelerator complex over March and April. It has also been key in the complex’s steady restart, which began in September and is currently rolling out.

At its summer meeting this August, the International Committee for Future Accelerators accepted the proposal by its Linear Collider Board and approved the formation of the International Development Team with a mandate to make preparations for the International Linear Collider Pre-Lab in Japan, by the end of 2021. The Pre-Lab, a precursor to the ILC Laboratory, is expected to be launched at the end of the mandate of the International Development Team and after securing the approval from the Japanese government for the ILC project.

In response to changes in Fermilab site access and DOE requirements, Fermilab is rolling out a new Event Approval System in SharePoint that will complement the new Policy on Fermilab Events and updated Policy on Access to Fermilab. Starting on Nov. 2, all Fermilab-hosted events must be submitted through the Event Approval System.

As the new president of the Fermilab Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, I take this opportunity to introduce myself and the group’s new officers to the lab community.
The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers was founded in 1974 for professional engineers to serve as role models in the Hispanic community. Our Fermilab chapter aims to increase representation of Hispanics at the lab and create an inclusive space where we celebrate our roots and share all our wonderful traditions and diverse culture.

Fire Prevention Week is Oct. 4-10. This year’s theme is “Serve up Fire Safety in the Kitchen.” Kitchen fires are the leading cause of home fires, and unattended cooking fires are the leading cause of kitchen fires. With more people at home, everyone is cooking more! One ingredient you need every time you cook is safety.