From the Laboratory

The High-Luminosity LHC will provide exciting physics opportunities but also daunting computing challenges for CMS. The amount of data will increase by a factor of 60, and the average number of pileup interactions per event is expected to increase by a factor of 5.
Researchers at Fermilab and partners are working to speed up the CMS tracking algorithm by taking advantage of modern, highly parallel CPU architectures.

Fermilab integrates environmental considerations in everything we do, including practicing sound waste reduction practices. Photo: Chris Greer, Fermilab

Fermilab generates a variety of hazardous and nonhazardous chemical wastes. The handling and disposal of these wastes are governed by state and federal regulations. In order to ensure compliance with these regulations and to help protect the environment from their impacts, we need to be sure to properly manage these wastes.

IARC at Fermilab’s “Five Buckets” represent the five major activities that make up the IARC mission and strategy. Some of these buckets are an extension or continuation of the team’s work over the last five years. Others are new efforts and initiatives. All will increase the lab’s already great impact on the world.

The lab’s COVID-19 protective measures help protect us all. The main goal of a face covering is to reduce respiratory droplets that enter someone’s breathing space. Remember to wear a face covering in buildings and all government vehicles to reduce the amount of respiratory droplets that can deposit on potentially shared surfaces.

Derek Plant, a Fermilab technical specialist, invented a portable device to quickly mimic the presence of a train on the tracks. OPTT filed the patent application in 2017, and the patent was granted earlier this year.

During the last four months, the Lederman Science Center team has developed more than 20 virtual exhibits that communicate Fermilab science. We’re sharing these virtual exhibits with our followers on social media, so thousands of people all around the world can view the virtual LSC exhibits. Check them out.