Gianni Tassotto, ID 03064N, retires on Thursday, Jan. 28.  For 44 years, Gianni has been our resident expert on multiwire profile monitors, SWICs, SEMs, PWCs, OTRs, and the like. He designed devices for the fixed-target and accelerator beamlines and provided his services to colleagues in Japan, Finland, and the UK. Gianni’s latest project is the development of beam profile wire planes made of fine carbon nanotube wires. Gianni has been a delight to work with and to learn from. We…

It is with great sadness that we inform the Fermilab community that long-time employee and friend of many Hiep Le died on Jan. 13. Until the time of his passing he worked as a senior operations specialist in the Accelerator Division Target Systems Department.

With great sadness we report that our colleague Yuri Merekov died on Jan. 2 at the age of 87. He was a long-term member of the DZero JINR (Dubna) group. Yuri began work on the DZero forward muon system in the late 1990s, developing the design and then participating in the construction, installation and commissioning of the mini-drift-tube-based system. During Tevatron Run II, Yuri tirelessly took shifts supporting experiment operations and developed initial ideas for the search of the cascade…

It is with regret and warm wishes that I announce the retirement of Katee (Joan) Peters, Fermi Site Office. Her last working day will be December 31, 2020. Katee has been an integral part of the FSO since 2002 and Chicago Operations Office since 1980, has over 40 years of federal service. Her hard work, commitment and dedication are commendable. Katee has always had a fondness for Fermilab, especially the people and wildlife. She will be greatly missed. We plan…

Nobel laureate Jack Steinberger died on Dec. 12 at the age of 99. Steinberger was the one of the discoverers, along with Leon Lederman and Mel Schwartz, of two neutrinos who together won the 1988 Nobel Prize for that work. Theirs was the first accelerator-based neutrino experiment, the direct ancestor of the Fermilab neutrino program. Read about Steinberger’s legacy in The New York Times, The Washington Post and UChicago News. Peter Cooper is a Fermilab scientist emeritus.

In memoriam: Harold Ticho

Former Fermilab user Harold Ticho died on Nov. 3. He conducted research at Fermilab, Berkeley Lab and CERN. Read Ticho’s obituary.

On Dec. 18, Victor Martinez, a senior technician at the lab, will retire after more than 47 years of service. Martinez is one of the last remaining employees who was part of the TAT program from the lab’s early years. He made all the wire chambers for the Loma Linda Proton Treatment and Research Center.

Fermilab retiree George T. Athanasiou died on Nov. 30 at the age of 88. He retired as a senior technician in 1995, having worked at the lab beginning in 1971. Read Athanasiou’s obituary.