We have many devices built into cryogenics systems to help with diagnosing problems, monitoring operations, as well as checking the system’s condition to be able to perform maintenance safely.

Kelly Sedgwick manages and oversees the maintenance of Technical Division Industrial Building Complex and serves as construction coordinator and task manager for all of the Technical Division.

At Fermilab, the Industrial Hygiene Group uses the process of anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control to identify potential hazards in the workplace.

Fermilab is in the midst of extensive growth and development to expand physics programs, and to upgrade aging infrastructure to ensure many more decades of continued research. Five construction projects are currently under way that involve excavating and transporting soil and gravel.  Construction crews monitor and clean the roads as necessary, but mud and loose gravel can accumulate, posing a slip and fall hazard.  Motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians are reminded to use extra caution when traveling on roads that are…

Quality software has always been a priority at the laboratory. Our current effort – to help ensure that the software we develop and use meets performance requirements and specifications – involves revisions to Fermilab’s existing Software Quality Assurance (SQA) program.  Lessons learned and feedback were gathered from the implementation of the program over the last few years, and resulted in an improved program document as well as a new supplemental Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) chapter. What has changed? The SQA…

Check your offices and homes for a Vornado portable space heater.  There is one Vornado space heater that has been recently recalled, and this type space heater was involved in a fire at a national laboratory.  View the recall information and space heater safety information here: