The Miss Katie pushes the Muon g-2 ring up the Illinois River. In this 1-minute video clip, it passes through the Peoria Lock and Dam as it travels toward Lemont, Ill. View the video. Video: Fermilab

The oscillation of neutrinos from one variety to another has long been suspected, but it was confirmed only about 15 years ago. US CMS Education and Outreach Coordinator Don Lincoln explains how we know it occurs and touches on the rich experimental program at several international laboratories designed to understand this complex mystery. View the video.Video: Fermilab

Early Monday morning, the Muon g-2 ring set out down the William Floyd Parkway in Long Island, headed to the Smith Point Marina 10 miles away. The team from Emmert International estimated that the trip would take six hours. It actually took two hours and 15 minutes. Later that day, the ring was lifted by crane onto a waiting barge. Next it will begin its four- to six-week journey to Illinois. Follow the trip on the map at the Muon…

Neutrinos are ghosts of the microworld, almost not interacting at all. In this video, US CMS Education and Outreach Coordinator Don Lincoln describes some of their properties and how they were discovered. Studies of neutrinos are expected to be performed at many laboratories across the world and to form one of the cornerstones of the Fermilab research program for the next decade or more. View the video. Video: Fermilab

US CMS Education and Outreach Coordinator Don Lincoln explains some of the reasons that physicists are so interested in supersymmetry. Supersymmetry can explain the low mass of the Higgs boson, provide a source of dark matter and make it more likely that the known subatomic forces are really different facets of a single, common force. View the video. Video: Fermilab

Don Lincoln describes supersymmetry. A theory is supersymmetric if it treats forces and matter on an equal footing. While supersymmetry is an unproven idea, it is popular with particle physics researchers as a possible next step in particle physics. View the video. Video: Fermilab

Sunday strumming

Old-time string band Cocoa Magic warms up outside Kuhn Barn before the barn dance on Sunday, April 14. View the Fermilab Folk Club schedule to find out when you can move your feet to similar, partner-swinging music. Watch Cocoa Magic play. Video: Lynn Garren, SCD

On Friday afternoon, a few dozen Fermilab employees took a short dance break to participate in the "Harlem Shake" meme. Thousands of Harlem Shake videos have been uploaded to YouTube this month. View the video. Video: Fermilab

On Nov. 9, Fermilab physicist Dan Hooper joined a group of the area’s brightest at TEDxNaperville, an independently produced conference held at the Grounds for Hope Café in Lisle. Hooper’s talk focused on the discovery of the Higgs boson and why it’s an important milestone in particle physics. Watch the entire 12-minute talk.