Cosmic Physics Center Seminar: Unraveling cosmology with cosmic voids

  • April 3, 2023, 2:00 pm US/Central
  • DIR/ Curia II-WH2SW - Wilson Hall 2nd fl South West

This activity or event is open to badged Fermilab personnel.

Speaker: Alice Pisani
Institution/University: CCA Flatiron/The Cooper Union/Princeton University
Title/Abstract: Unraveling cosmology with cosmic voids

Modern surveys provide access to high-quality measurements on large areas of the sky, sampling the galaxy distribution in detail also in the emptiest regions, voids. Void cosmology is becoming an increasingly active sector of galaxy clustering analysis: by measuring void statistics, such as void density profiles or the void size function, it is possible to constrain cosmological parameters. Cosmic voids are particularly sensitive to the properties of dark energy and neutrinos, and are a powerful tool to test modifications of the laws of general relativity. Studying voids provides a novel perspective to unravel the unsolved mysteries of our Universe.
In this talk I introduce cosmic voids as a tool for cosmology, I present recent results and I discuss current challenges and future developments in the field.