Hybrid Meeting – Neutrino Seminar Series: Why neutrino physics needs a bubble chamber with light nuclear targets

  • April 21, 2022, 1:00 pm US/Central

We are pleased to host Dr. Bryan Ramson from Fermilab who will talk about “Why neutrino physics needs a bubble chamber with light nuclear targets”.

Long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments present some of the most compelling paths towards beyond-the-standard-model physics through measurement of PMNS matrix elements and observation of the degree of leptonic CP violation. State-of-the-art long-baseline oscillation experiments, like NOvA and T2K, are currently statistically limited, however uncertainty in neutrino-nucleus scattering represents an important source of systematic uncertainty in future experiments like DUNE and Hyper-Kamiokande. Neutrino cross-section uncertainties can be reduced through high-statistics measurement of neutrino interactions on light nuclei, but creating a detector with an appropriate light target has proved elusive since the hydrogen bubble chambers designed in the 70’s. Modern bubble chamber-based dark matter detectors like PICO and the Scintillating Bubble Chamber have demonstrated that advances in sensor technology, computing, and automation would allow a modern bubble chamber to fully utilize the megawatt scale intensity LBNF beam. This talk will review the broad physics program and the construction of a hydrogen bubble chamber for use with neutrinos at Fermilab.

This seminar will be a hybrid one. For those who would like to attend in person, we have booked One West; please keep the Fermilab COVID requirements in mind, including wearing a mask within 6 feet of another person. Zoom connection details and instructions can be found below; in the interest of a productive hybrid seminar, we would appreciate it if you could review the following guidelines.

Guidelines for a productive hybrid seminar:
1. If connecting on zoom, please mute and have your video turned off.
2. If you have a question for the speaker, and you are on Zoom, please use the “Raise Hand” feature and wait to be recognized by the moderator. If you are attending the seminar in person, please wait for the microphone before speaking so that everyone can hear your comment.
3. If connected on zoom, please call in from your computer if possible; it helps keep the Zoom traffic down. Please remember that calling Zoom from your phone might result in charges from your phone company.
4. If attending the seminar in person, please follow Fermilab guidelines during the seminars, including wearing a mask if within 6 feet of another person.

Thank you,
Sophie, Tanaz, Vedran