HYBRID Meeting: Neutrino University/Summer Lecture Series – Artificial Neutrino Sources; Josh Spitz

  • July 28, 2022, 1:00 pm US/Central
  • Hornets' Nest

This week we are pleased to host Prof. Joshua Spitz from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, who will speak to us about “Artificial Neutrino Sources”. Please join us this Thursday, July 28, at 1pm CT.

I will provide a tour of artificial neutrino beams and sources, spanning about 13 orders of magnitude, including nuclear reactors, individual radioactive isotopes, and a wide variety of particle accelerators. I hope to convey both the importance of each source individually and the complementarity among them, in consideration of natural sources as well, for elucidating aspects of the neutrino. This being a “Neutrino University Lecture”, I will assign homework! There is lots to do in terms of optimizing the neutrino sources that we can control and I hope to provide the listeners with some direction on what needs to be done.