HYBRID Meeting: Neutrino University/Summer Lecture Series – Neutrinos and Flavor Physics

  • June 23, 2022, 1:00 pm US/Central

Yuval Grossman; Cornell University

This week we will continue with the next lecture in the Neutrino University series. We are pleased to host Prof. Yuval Grossman from Cornell University, who will talk about “Neutrinos and Flavor Physics”. Please join us this Thursday, June 23, at 1pm CT.

The term “flavors” is used to describe several mass eigenstates with the same quantum numbers. Within the SM, each of the four different types of fermions comes in three flavors. There are a lot in common between lepton and quark flavors, but also some significant differences. In the talk, I plan to discuss generic issues about flavor as well as some open questions related to the flavor structures of quarks and leptons.

This will be a hybrid seminar. For those who would like to attend in person, we have reserved the Hornets Nest (WH8X)