Particle Astrophysics Seminar: Inflation with Spooky Correlations

  • Feb. 11, 2019, 2:00 pm
  • Curia II

Speaker: Craig Hogan, Fermilab & Univ. of Chicago
Abstract: Famous “information paradoxes” in black hole theory can be solved if quantum information on horizons is delocalized or “spooky”, like states of entangled particles. Similar spooky correlations on the inflationary horizon are estimated to produce curvature perturbations with a dimensionless power spectral density given by the inflationary expansion rate H in Planck units, larger than standard inflation fluctuations. Current measurements of the spectrum are used to derive constraints on parameters of the effective potential in a slow-roll background. A distinctive and robust new prediction, in the sense of being insensitive to the details of specific spooky models, is an exact directional anti-symmetry, traceable directly to the nonlocality and directional correlation of initial conditions on the horizon, which is forbidden in standard models. Signatures of this primordial anti-symmetry might already be measured in CMB anisotropy, and if they are indeed due to nearly-scale-invariant primordial spookiness, should also be observable in large scale 3D galaxy surveys, possibly even in existing data. DES may be the first dataset capable of detecting this direct signature of Planck scale quantum physics.